Art Assistant for IMAGINE

I've had the amazing opportunity to be an assistant for IMAGINE, a mural artist in Boston. I did various things, such as taking photos, shooting video, and helping her set up and organize her Mindful Mandalas show at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. It was an amazing experience to observe, document, and be a part of large scale art projects from start to finish. You can see her murals on her instagram:

Golden Equinox Video for IMAGINE (2019)

I worked with mural artist IMAGINE to make a teaser video for her show Golden Equinox. You can check out the video and IMAGINE's work on her instagram:

Mindful Mandalas at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston

I got to help IMAGINE with her project Mindful Mandalas for the MFA. It was an amazing experience working with her and other MFA employees to make such a large project a success. I learned so much from observing her process. You can learn more about her project here:

IMAGINE in action at the MFA.