UX Design Internship
at Athenahealth

My Role

User Experience Design Intern at Athenahealth

Things I Did

\\ Used Sketch, Axure, and Adobe XD to create mockups and prototypes for co-designing and testing
\\ Ran user interviews and co-design sessions
\\ Researched Web Accessibility guidelines and tested future Athenahealth products


During the summer of 2016, I worked on a new patient-facing initiative at the healthcare company Athenahealth. I worked with a team to understand how potential users, ranging from chronic patients to family caretakers, thought about healthcare, and how Athenahealth could best provide tools for them. I helped run generative research studies, synthesized main takeaways, and designed prototypes for a mobile tool for patients and caretakers. Unfortunately, a lot of my work was under an NDA, but I will be able to talk a little more about it in person.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Co-design with users often, and continuously receive feedback on designs throughout the project.